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About Elite Training Programs


The Select baseball landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years. Select teams are now being formed as young as 8U.  Most programs now offer off-season practices during the winter.  

 A select coach is running a team practice with 12-16 players and 2  coaches plus any help they can find!  Players are getting reps but very little one on one training. 

If your player's goal is to play in HS, College, or Professionally, then you should  sign them up for SBA's Elite Training Program.

College and Professional scouts have for years depended on the "eye test" to decide which players to further pursue.  Todays new eye test also includes baseball metrics.  Can he throw a certain MPH?  How hard is the ball coming off his bat?  If a player is not above a certain metric for his age ranking, then he may not get a second look.

SBA's Elite training tests and posts these important metrics on each player's HitTrax  profile giving them a National percentile ranking based on their age group.  Our  Elite program has proven to increase exit velocity at the plate  and MPH on the mound .  

SBA has partnered with Dr. Jason Kim , owner of Active Sport and Spine to develop a program that meets the advanced athlete's needs.   "The beauty of the new Elite training program is establishing that the athlete's body is working correctly with a mobility test and then tailoring the workout to increase the athletes mobility and numbers."  

"Teaching the body the correct "SEQUENCE"  to hit a ball the hardest plus focusing on increasing rotational strength and quickness combined with skills training is creating great results
These results can then be accurately measured with the HitTrax."


Elite Training Packs

Elite Training is not for every player.  A player must show he is physically and mentally ready for the advanced training.  

To see if you are ready for Elite,  contact SBA at 425-861-7221 or email us at info@sbabaseballacademy for your free evaluation.    Must be age 10 or up.

What is included In an Elite Pack of Training?

1.  Testing to establish a baseline for each player 

  • Mobility Test  developed by Dr. Jason Kim, owner of Active Sport and Spine.   (5) tests designed to see if the shoulders, hips and ribs have a normal range of motion.  This is important when a ball player needs to reach his maximum potential during the act of hitting or pitching.  Our goal is to get the athlete back to his normal range of motion, which will increase his numbers. 
  • Hittrax  player profile 
    Establish important metrics such as max/average exit velocities, launch angle, max distance, line drive percent for hitters. As well as MPH and strike percentage for pitchers.
  • Strength and flexibility test. 

2.   An Elite pack has (10) one hour lessons. 
       Set your own schedule.  

  • Choose your skills focus:  Either hitting or pitching.
  • Each one hour lesson will be broken into skills training and sequential conditioning.
  • The sequential conditioning program will be customized to each player based on their age and areas of weakness determined in the baseline mobility test.  The instructor takes each player through their program to make sure all the exercises are being done correctly.
  • The backbone of this program is SBA's hitters and throwers 10. 
  • Sequential conditioning is training the "correct sequence"  the body should fire when delivering a solid hit or throwing a strike.
    This type of training  also builds strength , quickness,  and flexibility in connecting these key "kinetic chain" movements.  
  • The Skills training then ties these movements to the act of hitting or throwing a baseball with the goal of increasing MPH and location on the mound along with exit velocity and hard hit average in the batters box.  All numbers will be tracked on the players HitTrax profile.

3.  The base-line test is then re-taken at the end of the pack. 

  • An exit meeting with the player and parent is set to discuss the results.

Are you ready to increase your exit velocity?  MPH on the mound?

Call 425-861-7221 or shoot us an email to schedule your ready



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