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About HitTrax

What is it?

HitTrax is the first and only baseball data capture and simulation system that provides powerful combination of performance data and entertainment value.
View the hit live as if you are playing in your favorite stadium. HitTrax accurately measures the speed and trajectory of the ball while calculating the realistic outcome.
Learn more about HitTrax.

What is included in a HitTrax lesson?

  • Establish a HitTrax player profile.
  • Get a National player ranking by metric and age group that can be viewed by college recruiters and scouts.
  • Instant feedback on the big screen for exit velocity, launch angle, distance traveled.  
  • Video analysis of every swing taken during your session.
  • Spray charts, point of contact chart, and much more!

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A combo pack  gives you a mix of HitTrax lessons and private lessons so you can track your progress with accurate metrics!

Learn about HitTrax

HitTrax is a great teaching tool

Hitting Metrics

  • Exit Ball Velocity
  • Distance of Hit
  • Launch Angle/Elevation
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • Spray Charts
  • Hard Hit Average
  •  BA, SLG, and OPS

Pitching Metrics

  • Pitch Velocity
  • Pitch Location
  • Late Break Measurements
  • Spray Charts
  • Batting Average Against
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • Analysis by Pitch Type

Sammamish Baseball Academy Sponsors

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Sponsored by Sammamish Baseball Club

Sammamish Baseball Club

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SBC is committed to providing an elite baseball experience for our players and an inclusive environment for the entire family.  Our program provides players the opportunity to develop skills, character, and respect for each other, our opponents, and the game of baseball. Our focus is on quality instruction while providing opportunities to compete at the highest level. 

Sponsored by NW Naturals

NW Naturals

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The Northwest Naturals Organization is focused on the goal of preparing and developing our players for the next level of competition in their baseball careers. We were formed to provide a competitive baseball experience for youths.

We mold our organization on: instruction, development, commitment to sportsmanship, teamwork, and the opportunity to play baseball at a competitive level. Our coaches are dedicated to the success of our players and motivated by their successes.

Sponsored by Washington A's

Washington A's

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The Washington A's prides its self on offering talented athletes the tools they will need to take their game to the next level. We strive to give young players all the possible instruction and exposure that a summer program can give. The Washington Athletics will give players a chance to learn from Coaches that have played at that next level, and know the skills it takes to get you there. We look to develop athletes and give them the instruction, exposure, and tools that will allow their talents to be seen by College coaches and Scouts alike. We know the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful in the sport and are looking to pass that on to young players!