Video Analysis

Learn From the Pros!

Our state of the art system allows us to break down players every move with a 12 step process that our professional instructors focus on! The Rightview Pro software, views, draws, prints, and helps analyzes hitters and pitchers. This is the same software used by most Major League Clubs! SBA has numerous clips of former and current Big League hitters and pitchers to compare your swing or pitching delivery to.  This amazing software allows us to sync and /or overlap your swing or delivery to a Big Leaguer.  See how close you are to swinging like the PROS!

Video Analysis:  What do I get if I buy a video analysis lesson?

  • Setup and Video (Hitting or Pitching)  Motion capture during your 1/2 hour lesson.
  • SBA then clips down and stores your video on Rightview Pro in SBA’s library under your name (This allows us to compare past swings with your new swing taught to you by our professional staff. Your swing or pitching motion will be synced to a major leaguer for analysis.
  • Review and analysis of your video in our video room where your instructor will break down and show you problem areas and form a plan of attack to make your swing or delivery better.  The instructor will then show the player drills to work on to help improve his swing or pitching motion.

Video Analysis Options

  • Single Private Lesson, motion capture plus Video Analysis: $99
  • 6 Pack SPECIAL: $349 (5 Private Lessons & 1 Video Analysis Lesson)
  • 12 Pack SPECIAL: $649 (10 Private Lessons & 2 Video Analysis Lessons)

Video Analysis for Teams
Visit our For Teams page for details about video analysis for your team.

Complete our Private Lesson Waiver and bring it completed to the first lesson.

TIP: The SBA Encourages all players to arrive 15 prior to their lesson so they can be adequately stretched and warmed up.


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