SBA Rainy Day Pass

Sammamish Baseball Academy

Coaches get your teams out of the rain and into SBA for Practice!  Why cancel practice when you can book

a 90 minute practice at SBA?  Teams can purchase 3,5 or 7 pack of passes.  If you don’t use them all you

a refund on the unused passes.  Passes are 30% off retail pricing!!

3-pack: $327.68

5-pack: 546.31

7-pack: $764.58

package includes 2 cages, 2 tee stations, and a pitching mound to use in one of the cages.  Teams can also use an ATEC pitching machine in one of the cages.  Call ahead to pre-set practice so you can guarantee practice time.  Reservations are ona first come first serve basis.  24 hour cancellation policy.

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