King of Swing 2017


Do you want more game like settings for your extra hitting this summer? Do you want to see who really is the best hitter in the area for your age? Want to find out how you rank nationally compared to other players your age? Well, SBA’s Summer King of Swing Competition’s are perfect for you. Come in for our new Boost Session Hitting Pack and see how you stack up!

What is the King of Swing Competitions?

  • Two-one month long competitions to see who has the highest exit velocity and farthest max distance for each division
    • Session 1: June 26-July 31 (Winners will be announced on August 1)
    • Session 2: August 1- August 31 (Winners will be announced September 1)
  • One summer long competition to crown the SBA King of Swing
  • Prizes Will be Given Out to Each Individual Winner and to the King’s of Swing
  • Age Divisions: 10U, 12U, 14U, High School

How Do You Participate?

  • Come in and try our brand new Boost Session!
    • Boost Session’s are 15 minute HitTrax Sessions. You have the choice of front toss, BP, or check ahead of time if we have the hack attack pitching machine available for your session.
    • You will have an SBA Employee to run you through the entire process
  • You can do as many sessions as you would like throughout the entire summer. There is no need or availability to book your Boost Session’s in advance, all we ask is that you call 30 minutes prior to coming down to make sure the lane and an employee are available.

How Do I get Started?

Every first time participant will need to pay a registration fee of $15.

King of Swing registration 3 pack
  • When: June 26th thru the end of August
  • Ages: 10u 12u 14u and HS divisions
  • Cost: $35 for 3 sessions and to open a HitTrax player profile
  • Register Online
King of Swing 10 pack
  • When: Anytime
  • Ages: 10u 12u 14u and HS divisions
  • Cost: $80 for 10 bp sessions on the HitTrax
  • Register Online
King of Swing 5 pack
  • When: Anytime
  • Ages: 10u 12u 14u and HS divisions
  • Cost: $50 for 5 bp sessions on the HitTrax
  • Register Online

  • When you register you receive; HitTrax Player Profile, HitTrax National Ranking, and an SBA HitTrax Boost Ranking
  • We have Boost Pack’s as well as Individual Boost Session’s
    • Registration Pack: 3 Boost Sessions and Registration $35
    • 5 Pack $50
    • 10 Pack $80
    • One Time Session $15  Walk in rate, pay at the door.

Boost Session’s are available from 12-5 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and 9-5 Thursday, Friday

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