One on one lessons

TIP: The SBA Encourages all players to arrive 15 minutes prior to their lesson so they can be adequately stretched and warmed up.

Individual Lessons 10 pack
  • When: schedule your own times and days
  • Ages: 6 and up
  • Cost: $450.00 plus tax
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Individual lessons 5 pack
  • When: schedule your own times and days
  • Ages: 6 and up
  • Cost: $250 plus tax
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 Lessons are 30 minutes long

Buy a pack of lessons and use them towards Pitching, Hitting, Infield, or Catching lessons.   Set your own schedule and pick your instructor!  Do a pitching lesson and follow it up with a hitting lesson!  Talk to Kirk to customize your lesson pack to maximize the benefits!  Siblings can share packs.

Hitting Lessons are customized to each player and what they need to work on.  Below is a list of common hitting flaws that our Professional Staff focuses on to make your ball player a better hitter in as few as 5 lessons.   SBA’s instructors will also teach approaches and being a tough out at the plate.

  • Head and eyes:  Keeping our head on the ball and reading the type of pitch out of the pitcher’s hand so we know where the ball is ending up at contact.
  • Hand Path:  Getting the “barrel” to the ball in the most efficient path possible.
  • Using your lower half to generate power to the ball.  Loading and unloading the body in a correct sequence to utilize all the power available.
  • Swinging hard “through” the ball and not getting cheated.

Pitching Lessons:

  • Increase velocity
  • Teaching arm care
  • Developing different pitches
  • Developing a repetitive/consistent delivery
  • How to Locate pitches

For speed and agility packs go to personal training for more information.

Complete our Private Lesson Waiver and bring it completed to the first lesson.


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