What are your hours of operation?
Fall and Winter hours are 2PM to 9PM Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday are by appointment only.

Where is SBA located?
18047 NE 68th Street Redmond, WA 98052. Get directions on our Location page.

Does SBA have their own select baseball teams?
No, but we support and train a lot of the local Little League and Select Baseball programs.

Is SBA on Facebook and Twitter?
Yes. Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter. Throughout the year we will offer free cage time and specials through Twitter and Facebook.

Does SBA offer softball training?

Does SBA rent cages to individuals?
Yes. We also rent tee stations and pitching lanes. See our Individual Rentals page for more details.

Does SBA offer team parties?
Yes. See our Team Parties page for more details.

Can we hold team meetings at SBA?
Yes. Contact us to reserve our party room.


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