Week in Review

Sammamish Baseball Academy

The weather wasn’t to bad this past week which means more baseball games are played!!  In the HS ranks Skyline HS Clinched the #1 Seed in the Kingo 4A conference with a 10-3 record.  Skyline downed Eastlake 2-1 on Saturday to earn the #1 seed in the Kingo Co playoffs which start this Saturday at Woodinville HS.  Eastlake can still make the playoffs with a win today against Newport.  Redmond finishes in second place.  The Mustangs went on quite a ride winning 12 straight games after an 0-7 start.  Simply Amazing!!  Peter Hendron thru a perfect game against Eastlake during that stretch.

The ups and downs of the M’s.  Are they becoming the Cubs of the west coast???  Great stadium and fans but fooling us with winning every now and then.  The M’s swept the Tigers then move Toronto and have a huge comeback in game one aided by a Michael Saunders grand slam in the 10th inning for the W.  But just when Mariner fans are starting to warm-up the Mariners fall flat on their faces in game 2 & 3 versus Toronto.  Who are theses guys????

Matt Kemp has erupted over the first month of the season.  If you saw the highlights of the Dodgers vs Nationals game.  Just when Bryce Harper was stealing the show, Mr. Kemp says “not so fast my friend”!!!!!  Halo fans are wondering if Pujlos is every going to get another hit or hit his first homerun???  Switching leagues jinx might be in full effect.

Even though it is not baseball watching the Clippers come back from 27 points down in the playoffs against Memphis begs the old NBA question does anyone ever care about defense in the NBA???   Stay tuned for the Kingco 4A playoff schedule and more interesting baseball stuff on the SBA blog!

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