SBA Fall Ball Week #3 Highlights

Sammamish Baseball Academy

Spartans:  Evan Wate- Great catches & throws.  Colin Gale pitched great in 1st outing ever!  Justin Sakamota played great behind the plate.  Will Baker had a big walk and then stole 2nd base.  Jake Studebaker had a huge RBI single to center.

Wolves:   Two outstanding games were played!  In the first game, Stods 5  Wolves 2.  Seamus Brown pitched 2 shut out innings.  Jackson Werner had an RBI single and Quin Ebeling had a double.  Game 2 Stods 4  Wolves 3.  Jackson Werner capped off an awesome day by adding 2 more hits.  Will Chisolm added a triple with a run scored.  The entire pitching staff was amazing!

Knights:  5-1 win against Stods – Logan Reeves went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI’s.  Griffin McCauley pitched 3 shutout innings.  Zack Olson had a nice hit that knocked in 2 RBIs.

Cougars:  5-3 win against the Knights.     Cameron Ossinger struck out 3 Knights  in the 1st 2 innings.  Grant Hunt had 3 stolen bases in the 2nd inning.  Joshh Steckler,  Jason Hunt & Jordan Sacks had back to back to back singles.  2nd game Cougars 5-12 loss against Stods:  Josh Steckler pitched great with some niftypicks offs and a lot of Ks.  Back to back doubles for Lane Kraabel and Jordan Sacks.  Jordan Sacks with 2 RBIs.

Wildcats:  13-7 win against the Mustangs.  Luca Ernst pitched great, Leaving his feet for a diving play and getting the runner at home! Isaac Subcleff had a huge game, he went 2 for 3 with a double,  a 2 run homerun and 3 RBIs.

Mustangs:  3-13 loss against Stods.    Sean Kim went 1 for 2 with and RBI.

Tigers:  13-3 win against Stod’s Wolfpack.  Drew Tenzcar wen 2 for 2, Clayton Waltz, Adam Carper & Jack Carper all had RBIs.  Moose Read, Jack Carper & Drew Tenzcar had a great day of pitching.  2nd game – Tigers 12-5 win against Steelhead.  Connor Barrison had 2 great diving plays.  Clayton Waltz, Connor Barrison, Gunner Styer & Erik Moulton pitched great.  Paxton Klein went 2 for 2.  Ben Hagen went 1 for 1 with 2 walks.




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