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Players, coaches & parents looking for a great baseball book??  Look no  further than THE MENTAL GAME of Baseball.  The book is a fantastic read and dives into the mental part of game.  It gives a great perspective for everyone on players, issues that hamper performance, and how attitudes can control, shape and affect a players mental outlook on performance.   For players it gives you a plan on how to defeat negative thoughts which control actions/performance.  For coaches it teaches you what to say to a player who is acting negatively about their performance or role on the team.  On the flip side a player’s biggest fan is his or her parents.  The book can be a great resource for parents to come up with positive advice to say to there young player.  Once you have this book in your hands it will become a great resource for you!

The book starts at the very beginning of how attitudes start & establishing proper goal setting.  The book moves forward talking about dedication, types of attitudes, confidence, learning, preperation and ends with the winning way.  In all 14 Chapters you will find items that happen numerous times thru out the season.  The book uses Pro & Minor League players as examples which is great.  Tom Seaver, Gary Carter, Dale Murphy and a host of others.  Enjoy!!

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